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Nearly 40% of PHL households report Tagalog as main language

SOME 39.9% of households use Tagalog as their spoken language at home, the Philippine Statistics Authority said on Monday.

According to the 2020 Census of Population and Housing, households totaled 26.39 million in 2020, of which 10.52 million households reported Tagalog to be the language primarily spoken at home.

Households speaking Bisaya or Binisaya numbered 4.21 million or 16% of the total household while Hiligaynon or Ilonggo households numbered 1.93 million (7.3%).

The other top languages or dialects were Ilocano at 1.86 million households (7.1%); Cebuano 1.72 million (6.5%); Bikol/Bicol 1.03 million (3.9%); Waray 698,745 households (2.6%); Kapampangan 639,687 households (2.4%); Maguindanao 365,032 (1.4%) and Pangasinan/Panggalato 334,759 (1.3%).

The “other” category numbered 2.95 million households (11.2%), while 117,335 households (0.4%) did not say what language was primarily used at home. — Abigail Marie P. Yraola

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